Treasure chest on beach

Hidden treasure in the UK

A lot of people associate gold panning with the 1849 California Gold Rush, not a lot of people know that you can also find gold in the rivers, lakes and mines of the UK. There is said to be a rich supply of the precious metal in the Highlands and North Wales.

The UK had a gold rush of its own in 1869 when gold was found in Scotland. Unlike the 1849 California Gold Rush, the UK equivalent was over quickly, with most people seeing gold prospecting in the UK as just an amiable pastime.

However, with the bite of recession being felt very keenly in the UK, the hobby became more serious for many people and gold panning began to be taken seriously again.

The massive increase in the price of gold has also contributed, as it has gone up around 27% since January 2010.

How to find gold in the UK

Panning for gold requires you to have excellent patience and an acquired skill. Don’t be put off by this though, as you can definitely learn!

First of all you have to know where to look. You are unlikely to find it under a bush in your back garden. Places where gold has historically been found the most are in Devon, Cornwall, Scotland and Mid to North Wales.

Decide on your technique: Are you going to pan for gold in Highland rivers and streams or do a bit of metal detecting on Exmouth Beach? Metal detecting on beaches is particularly advantageous because of the discarded coins and jewellery you could find.


Get together with other gold prospectors and hunt together. Collective experience and know how will get you far. You know what they say, two (or more) heads are better than one.

What to do once you’ve found gold?

So you’ve struck lucky and seen a glimpse of golden beauty in your pan, but what do you do once you’ve struck lucky?

First of all you’ve need to be aware of legal technicalities like land ownership, but if the gold is definitely yours then you can sell it for cash to fund your next expedition or something else you really want.

Sometimes we don’t have the resources to go hunting for gold; however you can go for an exciting treasure hunt in your own home. So many people have pieces of gold jewellery or other artefacts that they have either forgotten about or don’t know the true value of. These can be sold for cash!

However, finding a good gold buyer is very hard. After all, how do you find a gold buyer that will give you the best price for gold and also a fast, efficient and friendly customer service.