Metal Detecting Tips

Tips on using metal detectors

Metal detecting can be a fun hobby, but in order to get the most out of it there are several tips that beginners and experts alike need follow.  As a general word of guidance it is useful to join a treasure hunting club or a metal detecting club because not only can you fraternize with other detectors but they will be able to offer you guidance and tips on where to search.

Some people also enjoy hunting with a group versus spending a day on the beach hunting by themselves which you can do if you are a member of a metal detecting club.  Most clubs will let you attend a meeting as a guest so it is useful to stop by and see what you think.

First of all, as a beginner you should realize that chances are about 60-70% of all of your finds will end up to be trash.  This is a combination of the fact that you may not be skilled enough to discriminate your finds yet, and due to the simple fact that there is a lot more trash out there than treasure.

Even experts have days like this so do not get discouraged because over time you will learn how to use your detector better and find better places to search for treasure.  After some time you will also learn how to figure out when your signals are telling you that there is trash in the ground and when there is something of value.

The best place to start when trying to figure out where to head with a metal detector is the library.  Learning the local history of your area will help you to figure out which areas have not yet been touched by construction making them more likely targets for treasure.

Outside of research, in general the beach is the easiest place to start because it is easy to dig through the sand and you will learn much more quickly how to tell the difference between trash and treasure.

Be careful however as you start to discriminate, because keep in mind that the more you use this feature the less depth you have so while you may think that you passing by a tin can, you may be missing items such as coins or even gold rings.

Another tip for those who live in areas that are overhunted is to wait for a large rain and then head out to explore the beachside or other areas.  This is because wet ground conducts electricity better allowing you to find items that are buried farther into the ground than you normally would be able to.

After the first thaw of spring is also a good time to search in old territories because as the ground shifts you may find new items that you were unable to find during the previous year.

Also, if you are worried about park rangers simply make sure to bring a bin bag along with you to collect rubbish in.  Most will not make you stop or harass you if they see how helpful you have been to the park.